Norway VR Timelapse - Mt Skåla Clouds

Mt. Skåla is Norway’s toughest uphill climb. A 5-mile hike covering nearly 2,000m of vertical distance, the views from the summit are hard to beat.

Monument Valley - VR Timelapse

Above the red mesas of Southern Utah, storm clouds form in the blue sky just north of Monument Valley.

Aurora VR Timelapse - Fairbanks, Alaska

The aurora borealis shines overhead on a mountain road outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Moonset VR Timelapse - Bryce Canyon National Park

The moon rises to clear the rim of Bryce Canyon National Park, illuminating its famous hoodoos.

Oregon Coast - VR Moon Timelapse

The moon and stars shine over the sea in a timelapse taken on the central Oregon Coast.

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