climbing mount Skåla


Mt. Skåla is Norway’s toughest uphill climb. In June 2018, Danny scaled the mountain alongside longtime friend Lucas Risinger. Together, they carried three special cameras on the journey to bring the beautiful scenery back down with them.


360° VR Experience

Created from 4,000 individual photos taken by six specialized GoPro cameras, this immersive experience captures the view atop Mt. Skåla in every direction.

Press the Play button below, then click & drag to explore the mountain in all directions.



Full Frame Timelapse

In a series of timelapse videos, a sea of clouds churns through the fjords of Norway’s Jostedalsbreen National Park. Taken just days after the summer solstice, the Northern sun flies a nearly horizontal path towards the horizon.

From the top of Mt. Skåla, Danny captures the second of two timelpases. Press the play button below to watch.

If you want to get to the top in life, you have to be prepared for some uphill battles. To reach the top of Skåla (1848m), you won’t find a longer uphill stretch in the whole of Norway.
Skåla - an imposingly beautiful giant of a mountain - towers over the village of Loen.


Fine Art Stills

To ensure the highest possible image quality, a digital medium format system was also chosen to make the journey to Skåla’s summit. Phase One’s IQ250 digital back produces imagery suitable for any size or standard of printing.


High Altitude, high detail

Crafted by stitching together panoramas of medium format images, these exquisitely detailed art prints are best appreciated up close and personal. They are available in our print shop for online purchase in various sizes and printing options.

The fidelity of these files is well suited for large-format and commercial printing. To request a quote on a custom piece of art, please Contact Us.

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